RJames Baseball

RJames Baseball is a browser based multiplayer baseball game. It allows groups of people to form a baseball league and draft players from throughout baseball's history to play games against one another. Players can choose rosters, set their lineups, and then follow their team's progress from game to game by looking at box scores, reviewing individual game play-by-plays, or parsing through the many stat charts available throughout the site.

RJames Baseball uses a C++ program to simulate the individual games. That program is connected to a MySQL database via the MySQL API, which has been integrated into the program and is supported by custom classes to optimize its use within the context of the game. The website is built with PHP on the backend and a combination of HTML/CSS and Javascript on the frontend. It uses Bootstrap 4 for most of its styling.

Retrosheet Converter

Retrosheet is an organization that tracks and stores baseball games in a unique format. Their play-by-play files go back as far 1916 and provide an account of every play in every baseball game. They are incredibly details and rich in data. However, the data is stored in a format that can't be easily accessed for large data analytics projects. This converter, written in C++, will automatically convert the entire play by play history into a SQL database that the user can query for complex analytical data.

Quote Generator

Quote generator is a basic Javascript app that pulls a quote from the forismatic API and displays it to the user. Users can click a button to get a new random quote and they can also click a button to share it via their twitter account.

Infinity Scroll

Infinity Scroll is a basic Javascript app that pulls images from the Unsplash API and displays them in continguous column. When users scroll down, more images load automatically so that appears to the user that the page continues on infinitely.

Fishing 101

Fishing 101 is a curriculum unit used by Boston non-profit organization Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. The lesson is used by their high school aged youth program coordinators who teach local kids about fishing, Boston aquatic wildlife, and the marine environment. This android phone app, written in Java, provides an easily accessible version of the curriculum that the staff can navigate on their phones to remind them of how to tie the knots, what the lesson goals are, or how to identify specific species when caught.